absract painting with hearts


Peller Marion is no stranger to meeting a diversity of people and adventures. This has helped her in the service of others.

She climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, and pioneered a handicraft center in Botswana, Africa. While working as an Art Specialist in the Berkeley Schools in the 'sixties, she raced 350cc Honda motorcycles. In the ’seventies, as a practicing Gestalt Art Therapist, she had several one women painting shows. During the last two decades, she traveled the business world as a consulting psychologist to corporations. In 2007, she survived a shark attack in Maui.

Dr. Peller Marion is president and psychologist of Peller Marion Associates, Inc., a consulting firm that specializes in executive counseling with Fortune 500 companies. Considered a pioneer in the field of transition and career management, she was one of the first to introduce outplacement to the San Francisco Bay Area in the late 'seventies.

She earned her bachelor's degree at Skidmore College, her master's degree at University of Washington, and her doctorate at University of Massachusetts. She is on the faculty of Dominican College MBA Strategic Leadership.

Dr. Marion has appeared on CNN, CBS and Delta Airlines Audio Tapes in Flight Business News. She has been written about in USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Fortune Magazine and The Chicago Tribune.

She writes for several Bay Area professional journals and publishes the quarterly Corporate Transitions Newsletter, a publication for business people on trends and issues in career management today.

Professional societies and corporations ask her to conduct workshops about creative approaches to career transitions and mid-career/mid-life issues. Among these are The Commonwealth Club, Esalen Institute, Apple and Intel.

She wrote Searching For The G Spot (Artemis Arts Library, 2004) and Shopping Lessons (Artemis Arts Library, 2004). Her book Crisis Proof Your Career (Berkley Press, 1994), was selected as Fortune Magazine’s Book Selection Of The Month Club. Career Tune Up was published in 2005. Her forthcoming book is An Age of Grace: 7 Spiritual Challenges to Attaining Elder Wisdom.