Good Candidates for Executive Development and Leadership Program


Executive counseling may be encouraged when leaders and their key players both agree that they want to explore these issues:

Interpersonal Relationships

  • Key players who want to galvanize their senior team by joining the Executive Program together.

  • Rising talent who want to improve and need some variety to their style.

  • Technical wizards who wish to enhance their interpersonal and communication skills.

  • Creative managers who want to develop more trust and less resistance with peers and subordinates.

  • Talented professionals who wish to develop better skills in persuasion and influence with their senior managers.

  • Forceful strengths, such as intelligence and talent, a formidable will, and endless energy have helped candidates emerge as leaders. These characteristics can be utilized with focus and coaching for even greater results.

Managing Change

  • Valuable professionals who need guidance in developing skills to deal with change. They want ways to use power appropriately and manage their strengths and career limiting short comings.

  • Management team members who want to improve their team performance during rapidly changing times.

  • Successful managers who want to improve their management and
    leadership skills.

  • Leaders at the top rung of the organizational ladder who are learning the new rules of the game in a complex roller coaster growth environment.

Career Decision Points

  • Professionals at the top of their game, who want to assess their skills and options for their next career move and beyond.

  • Executives who want to decide whether they have the skills and interests and desire to fulfill their new role.

  • Talented professionals who perceive themselves as being passed over, and want to analyze their options.

  • Professionals who want to analyze the pros and cons of accepting a new assignment or other career move.

  • Creative key players who want to find ways to put more vitality, meaning, balance and less stress into their work and life.