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The Executive Development Program

Executive Development Program galvanizes managers and leaders who wish to develop and strengthen their impact and build winning teams.

The Executive Development Program is an individualized, customized, and confidential leadership development process that strengthens an executive’s ability to lead and manage in a fast paced environment. This extensive program includes comprehensive assessments of a candidate’s current management style, the creation of a personalized development program, and long-term coaching. We explore behaviors, attitudes, and mental models of the candidate to inspire long term growth.

We know not all executives have the same learning style: some are driven by data, others by concepts and intuition. We assess how each executive is inspired towards individual and team learning and provide customized coaching in the style that the client can absorb.

The Program energizes executives with exclusive and extensive objective and confidential leadership assessments, one on one coaching, substantive interviews, 360 degree feedback, self rating, action-oriented and reflection driven insights about their impact on others, to revitalize their growing edge as leaders, and recognizably increase their efficacy in the organization.

We operate in five areas of coaching: dialogue and exploration about career and personal drivers, motivation, senior management, peer, and subordinate perceptions of style, and performance factors for success.

Over the years, we have worked with more than 3,000 executives and 600 CEOs. We use this comprehensive data and experience from these engagements to offer an external objective and confidential source of information, counseling, and feedback that clients may find difficult to obtain or even absorb from peers in their careers.

Once clients recognize the impact that their style has on others and how mutual and objective creative thinking can expand their career options, they become open to continuing learning. We are committed to the candidate’s success and offer the kind of mentoring one only reads about.